Happy Moments in February

# buy more books than I can read and stack them in my bedroom
# when my parents are silly with each other and still flirt after more than 30 years of marriage
# letting go of things that make me sad in order to make more room for positive stuff
# spending time with the best friends and reminisce about what we’ve done together
# when I try telling someone something funny and can’t stop laughing because I know how the story ends
# the smell of a new book
# when I realize that I know someone so well I only need to look at them to know what they’re thinking
# when I don’t care what others say about me
# making fun of my little sis and she can laugh right along with me
# treating friends like family
# reading the last pages of a good book that stays with me, makes me think and gets me moving
# spontaneous dates and stimulating conversations with inspiring people
# dancing to my favorite song
# dancing in the rain
# finding money in the pockets of my pants or a purse
#  singing loudly while showering even though I can’t really sing
# holding a new purse I’ve always wanted to have
# when my little godson recognized me for the very first time
# when I get lost in a book and it’s fantasy world
# when I think of someone special and have to smile
# realizing I lost weight without dieting
# me time while writing and realizing I couldn’t be happier
# a beautiful sunrise or sunset
# when my Mom is proud of my cooking and even likes to eat it
# meeting an old friend again after a long time and realizing that nothing has changed between us
# being independent
# a big orange full moon
# music according to my mood
# when the new season of a favorite series starts
# falling in love
# christmas anticipation
# exploring a new and wonderful place
# getting into bed, falling asleep right away and waking up after a dreamless night well rested
# jumping on a hotel bed
# flirting with someone at the checkout of a grocery store
# taking a nap during the day
# when I can make someone happy
# a hug
# when Mom’s cooking
# playing with the family dog, Minni
# the bright eyes of a child
# watching a movie that teaches how important it is to live in the here and now
# an unexpected surprise
# when inspiration hits
# working with my hands and losing track of time
# butterflies in my stomach

What are your happy moments?