What I’m Grateful for This Month

There are so many things to be grateful for each and every day. I take a couple of minutes each morning to write down at least three things that make me happy in order to start the day on a happy note.
I’d like to share some of the things that I am personal grateful for with you this month.
I am grateful for…
# the beautiful 2 week vacation I got to spend in sunny Spain with great food and lots of pool time
# waking up next to the man I love every single morning
# time that I may use to do what I love: writing, coaching and helping
# having time that I get to spend with my friends and family
# being able to have a hot shower each morning and if I feel like it once more before going to bed
# the fact that I get to have a couple of beautiful meals each day and that there’s always enough food
# being able to support a wonderful organization for a good cause with my time and expertise
# that when someone hit our car there was only damage to the car and not to us
# for the beautiful living space we have where I feel right at home, safe and may be creative
# sunshine and the time I get to spend outside
# for life in general – so much is going on right now and there are so many exciting things to come; I am so so happy and can’t wait
# getting to watch the movie BFG – I thought it was just beautiful; I laughed a lot and cried and I think it teaches some really great lessons
What are you grateful for today?