Things to Be Grateful for This Fall

# You’re healthy and alive
# You have friends who are there for you no matter what
# Mornings you can sleep in and wake up when you’re ready to do so
# Cozy fires and hot chocolate
# Nature showing itself in its most beautiful colors
# The promise of future travels
# Feeling like you belong
# A bad day that make you appreciate the good days even more
# Mistakes that give you opportunity to learn and grow
# Constantly growing as a person through new knowledge, books or people that step into our lives
# A special song that reminds you of one wonderful moment or e memorable time in your life
# Books that change your life and stay with you for a long time after you’ve read the last word
# Good conversations with inspiring people
# Heating so you’re not cold while snuggled up at home
# Cuddling with someone you really really like
# The smell of freshly baked cookies on a rainy Sunday afternoon
# The unexpected kindness of wonderful people
# Uncontrollable laughter, followed by tears and a tummy that hurts
# Rainy days spent under a blanket up at home preferably with a good book, someone to be warm with and some hot tea
# Surprises, like fresh flowers from your love
# The late summer sun on your face
# The fun of jumping through puddles after it rained and running through big heaps of fallen leaves and being a child again