At What to Be Great At

We’re all great at something. You are, too!
Here are some things it might be worth working for to be great at:
  1. being a parent
  2. being creative – as much as you can be
  3. being open to change
  4. being generous with all your heart
  5. being kind and compassionate
  6. being a sibling
  7. being uniquely happy
  8. being forgiving both to others and yourself
  9. being your fabulous authentic self
  10. being a child and seeing the world through a child’s eyes
  11. being love and sprinkling the world with it
  12. being a fair leader
  13. being healthy and looking after yourself
  14. being of service to others
  15. being a mentor who wants to support growth in others
  16. being selfless
  17. being mindful both towards yourself and the world
  18. being a great partner in crime
  19. being an attentive lover
  20. being giving without expectation
  21. being humble
  22. being adventurous enough to step out of your comfort zone
  23. being helpful to those in need
  24. being a healer to the sad and less fortunate
  25. being grateful for what is
  26. being whole and balanced
  27. being joyful in everything you do
  28. being hopeful for the future
  29. being a believer
  30. being a dreamer who works on making their dreams come true
Your turn: 
What are some of the things you are great at?
What are some of the things you admire in other people that you’d love to be better at?