Happy Helpers

Sometimes we all need a pick-me-up. Something to bring us back to our happiness.
Here are 10 little helpers to get you back on track.
And watch out, I’ll be posting more of them along the way! 🙂
  1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day to move your body and when you walk, smile.
    Moving your body sets happy hormones free and smiling and laughing is a safe way to get you back in a good mood. Doing this every day will help to keep negative vibes away.
  2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
    Scientific research has shown that 10 minutes of mindful breathing and meditation each day elevate your levels of happiness. Try it.
  3. When you wake up in the morning be grateful for another day that you get to lead a life you’re passionate about.
    Gratitude bring us back to our roots and remind us that we have so much going on in our lives that we should be grateful for.
  4. Spend more time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of six.
    The former will remind you to live your life to the fullest and the latter will help you see life in a very special and magical way.
  5. Dream more while you’re awake.
    Scientific research has shown that daydreaming is not at all bad, but elevates your state of mind. So why not daydream more often?
  6. Stay in touch with the people you love, as they make your life special. 
    Spending time with close friends is an easy way to get you back on that happiness path. They sometimes know you better than you know yourself and they surely find a way to restore that bright light of yours.
  7. Declutter regularly. It’s liberating!
    Feel like every little space in your apartment is cramped with stuff? That can also affect your mood. So in order to lighten your mood, get rid of some stuff. The rule for clothes usually is that if you haven’t worn something in a year, you probably won’t in the future. Getting rid of things you don’t actually need will add new lightness to your life and make room for new stuff and people.
  8. Be positive toward yourself.
    It’s so easy to fall in love with others. But how about falling in love with you? Sit down and write a love letter to yourself! What do you particularly love and appreciate about yourself? Put it in an envelope and send it to yourself to be delivered at a specific date. Just writing about how great you actually are, will lift your mood.
  9. Keep pressing forward.
    There are times when we want to crawl into our bed, under the cover and don’t talk to anyone. And those days should happen, you are allowed to wallow in those feelings once in a while. However, once you’ve done that you need to keep in mind to move forward. Because this forward motion will ultimately be what pulls you out and brings you back to life. So keep moving.
  10. Surround yourself with positive people.
    Spending time with people who have a positive outlook on life will instantly have the same effect on you. You can be sure to leave a meeting with them happier and more motivated. So make sure that you spend time with them  in order to get some of those positive vibes and inspiration flowing.
Your turn:
Try some Happy Helpers and let me know what it felt like for you.
What are some of the Happy Helpers you use that we haven’t talked about? I’d love to hear about them!