Gillian and Her Happiness

Happiness to me is whatever brings you your bliss.
Gillian Cramer


According to Gillian, that’s how easily you can implement joy into your life:

To me bliss should be in the top – if not on the top of your daily list. Although because of the fact that we all have responsibilities in life unfortunately it might not be able to always stay at the top of your daily list. However I think that it can be in the top always. I think that being in your bliss can be doing something that may only take a few moments but can last for hours if not all day. It can be something as simple as eating or drinking something particular. Or seeing something beautiful or hearing something that you enjoy. For me it could be a great cup of coffee or a fabulous piece of chocolate. It could be listening to my happy playlist or sitting in a beautiful peaceful spot.


Gillian’s 2 happy tips just for you:

  1. Happiness shouldn’t be tied to money because happiness is free. Meaning that you don’t have to spend anything to find happiness. Rather, it’s all in how you look at things.
  2. Your happiness is your number one priority not someone else’s happiness. Meaning, don’t always put someone else’s happiness before your own.



Gillian Cramer is a wife and mother who has learned how to deal with alcoholism, special needs, and mental health struggles in those people who are most important to her, and has suffered through the far-too-early passing of loved ones.

For the past several years, she has been on a journey to discover herself again. She has rediscovered her passions and her voice, and tries to surround herself with those things that bring her bliss.
Two of those things that bring her joy are writing and using the tools that she has developed in her life and her life coaching education to help others on their journeys.