A New Beginning

I’m passionate about empowering you to lead a happy and successful life on your terms. Everyone deserves happiness and I’ve always felt that we could all do with a little bit more of that in our lives.
I’ve always loved writing, listening to and working with my clients on a one on one basis. I’ve especially enjoyed the development aspect and accompanying you on your own individual transformational journey.

However, running my own small business has not brought me the happiness I thought it would over the past couple of months. Writing and creativity, processes that I used to enjoy tremendously, are forced and not allowed to naturally unfold anymore. Yet that’s what I adore about my creativity, that when it hits, I get transported into writing mode encouraged to share whats on my mind, in my soul and heart. And while I get to connect with wonderful people in the online world, I’ve missed the inspirational face to face exchanges. In a world where it’s so easy to lose yourself in all the day-to-day noise, the never ending to do lists and deadlines that need to be kept, I long for offline time. Time to connect with other people in real life, time to just be with myself.

What’s going to happen:

Social Channels
While I’m still pondering if social channels are going to remain open at all, the regular content flow is going to be suspended immediately, as I step back into the real world for a while. Channels will remain open for now, so that you can get in touch.

YourHappyHub + Newsletter
While YourHappyHub (the previous MembersOnlyArea) will remain open for anyone seeking (free) support on their happiness adventure, there will be no more newsletters coming your way.

Service Offerings
The YourHappinessSchool online course creation process has been suspended. Instead I’d like to focus on you, the work I so enjoy! So, moving forward, I will still take on a limited number of new coaching clients, as I feel that, when it comes to happiness, lasting change is more likely to happen with an accountability partner by your side. So if you feel called, check out my coaching packages and do so now, as I’m currently taking on new clients.

Website + Blog
What will remain open and updated is my website, through which you get access to my blog and YourHappyHub. While there will be no editorial calendar moving forward, I know that my passion to write and creativity won’t abandon me and content will still flow on a more irregular basis. I’ll also continue the Happiness Interview series!
Moving forward, if you want to stay in touch and updated on me and my new and upcoming projects, my website will be the place to check. And because I still love to hear from you, I hope that you keep connecting!

Hoping for your understanding as I choose to make my own happiness a priority and step into a new chapter of my life.

Wishing you lots of happiness on your journey!
With so much love and gratitude